Saturday, August 30, 2008

Totoro forest project

Totoro Forest Project is an international charity effort to preserve Sayama Forest, or Totoro Forest as it's also called. This sanctuary right outside of Tokyo is where anime-director Hayao Miyazaki got the inspiration for his character Totoro, my favourite animated character! If you haven't seen My neighbour Totoro, shame on you, and do not wait any longer! It's magic!
Over 200 top international artists from animation, illustration, and comics are donating artwork especially created for this cause.

On september 6th, Pixar Animation Studios will be hosting an international art auction event where you can bid on these fantastic pieces of art.
Check out the gallery right here! wowsy!

The above art piece is from acclaimed anime-illustrator Katsuya Terada.

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emma said...

i love totoro!