Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New from Doshi Levien

I'm so so in love with Doshi Levien, everything they design is so utterly human and still pretty, full of history and fairytales.
This is their new projects for Moroso, which were presented on the Milan furniture fair this year.
My beautiful backside, is a seating collection with a pebblelike back, which seems to float in the air. Gorgeous!
You have to surf their website, to see the details of this, and the wonderful new daybed Principessa, seen on the last drawing. Principessa is a daybed who consists of many thin matresses, inspired by HC Andersens tale of Princess and the Pea. As with their earlier Charpoy, this divan is also beautifully embroidered. It is full of added symbols, and everyday objects.
photos from dezeen, drawings by doshi levien for Moroso


Kat said...

The pillows look like people... Beautiful!

susan said...

this sofa is soooo amazing!

Anonymous said...

this is a future classic! so original and beautiful!