Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Since I've just started this blog, what better way then to start it off with listing a couple of things that I want, need and can't live without..
No.1 Eames Eames Eames, I want everything that couple ever made - but on the top of my eameslist are these two,
the LCW in walnut and the RAR rocking chair in blue fiberglass.sigh!

I dream of this simple daybed from habitat . I don't like sofas, so if I buy this one, my Ikea-monstersofa is out the door!

If, on the other hand I stumbled over a truckload of dineros, I might consider this faaaaaaaaaaaabulous modular sofa from rochebobois in the even more fabulous fabrics from Missoni home. The sofa is called Mah Jong. Don't you love?

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